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We are Accounting, Tax and Advisory professionals specialized in bridging businesses in the US and Japan.


We are Accounting, Tax and Advisory professionals specialized in bridging businesses in the US and Japan.

Premier Kaikei LLP. has had the pleasure to assist the Japanese-US communities since its incorporation in 2020 with the support of its clients, employees and stakeholders. Our client base ranges from US subsidiaries of publicly traded Japanese companies to Japanese IT-Life Science start-ups expanding its footprint in the US.   Our objective is to ensure that clients can focus on their vision and day-to-day operation while our experienced professionals lead and manage their Finance activities.


Assurance & Advisory

Our aim is to render efficient assurance services based on a risk-based approach while rendering value-added advisory services.

Tax Services

Our tax professionals have vast experience in tackling International Tax including cross border transactions and individual tax returns for Japanese expats.

Outsourcing Service

We provide various back office support services including managing the company’s ledger so that they can focus on their day-to-day core operation.

Consulting Service

We render various types of consultation services that align with our client’s needs and offer solutions that are practical and cost-efficient.

The “P” and “K “of our logo stand for Premier and Kaikei (Kaikei means Accounting in Japanese). The red color represents professionalism and the  blue color represents knowledge. The 3 “P”‘s next to our logo stands for:


Constructive and client tailored solution


Timely action, not reactive


Communication with empathy and consideration


We ensure that our progress and interest are always aligned with our clients.

We believe in the value of long-term relationships with our clients. We pledge to be our clients’ close partner as their advisor. We aim to be a professional who understands the clients’ business, provides clear communication and provides the most optimal solution to their challenges. We thrive from our client’s success and hope to grow together with our client.

We continue to enhance our knowledge and skill-set so that an effective solution can be rendered to our client.

Our continuous effort to obtain professional knowledge is crucial to render excellent services to our clients. Our tireless endeavor to gain broad knowledge has no limits. We pride ourselves in becoming a good partner to our clients by taking our clients’ challenges head on. We don’t just provide knowledge. We render excellent solutions.

We value diversity and teamwork.

We welcome differences in opinions, perspectives and approaches. We respect our differences by communicating closely and learning from each other. We work for the same goal while working as a team.

We are Accounting and Tax professionals that bridge your businesses in the US and Japan


3625 Del Amo Blvd., Suite 345 Torrance, CA 90503

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